Laurens Kropf

Mobile- and Web-Developer

iOS Development: Swift & SwiftUI
HTML, CSS & JavaScript
Google Flutter
about ME

Hey there!

I’m Laurens Kropf, 16 years old, based in Austria and since I’m a Junior Mobile- and Web-Developer, I love developing apps and websites.

Currently, I’m attending the HTBLA Kaindorf in the second grade. My most favourite subjects are Software Engineering, English as well as Applied Mathematics.

Because I’ve been programming since I was six years old, I’ve gained a lot of experience on how to develop apps and websites as well as console-based applications.

About Me

My Skills

Since I’m a self-taught Junior Mobile- and Web-Developer, I’ve gained a lot of technical experience as well as social and presentation capabilities.

Native Swift iOS-Apps

Since I've learned how to develop native iOS-Apps for myself, I've gained a lot of experience in mobile development.


When I'm developing for the web, I mostly use the Angular Framework in it's newest version to accomplish my goals.

Cross-Platform Apps

Recently, I've started developing cross-platform apps for iOS and Android with the Google Flutter Framework.

Social & Communication

Aside from my technical skills and experience, I've gained a lot of social and presentation skills.


My Apps and Projects

SwiftUI App

All new soundboard app for iOS written natively in SwiftUI and Swift.


Well-designed and intuitively developed student assistant app for PNMS-Dobl.

Flutter App

Learn and understand tasks from the world of Applied Mathematics.


Feel free to contact me.
I'd love to hear from you!